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life coaching

“Working with Tom is a very rewarding experience…”


What is coaching?

To paraphrase Oprah Winfrey, the whole purpose of life is to evolve into the complete person you are intended to be. If this resonates with you on some level you might enjoy coaching: it’s a unique collaboration designed to stimulate you to grow, to succeed, to be fulfilled. We only have one go at this life and coaching sessions can create a level of fulfilment that hitherto you might have found elusive.


Why have coaching?

Going back to Oprah’s words above: “the complete person you are intended to be”. Who intends? You. The people I work with are motivated to find out more about themselves; to design or destine their own growth and development: they don’t want to stagnate or stand still. If you simply want to enjoy your life more without any extra effort and are motivated to change, I can help you.


What can coaching do for me?

  • Inspire and motivate you to achieve things that are important to you – career fulfilment, inspiring relationships, enjoying your talents
  • Realise valuable new perspectives on your life
  • Delete unconscious sabotage thinking that wastes your energy and holds you back
  • Gain new insights into your life for more growth, love and happiness
  • Find greater life purpose
  • Achieve a balanced life that satisfies all your natural abilities


Why I can help you

My coaching sessions are a seamless weave of insightful questions and supportive mentoring that guide you into realising and using the wealth of your inner resources. Helping you ‘intend’ your life of fulfilment, I can draw on knowledge in Positive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Cognitive theory, and NLP (neuro linguistic programming), to help you effect the changes you want. I’ve meditated for years; studied Eastern and practical Western philosophies; delved into Peruvian shaman healing techniques and studied spiritual teachers: I have a broad reach of the human experience on tap.


You are unique and therefore so are your sessions. I don’t expect you to adapt to my way of doing things; I adapt to

yours - to guide you in creating the life you want.


Sessions can be face-to-face or via telephone and Skype; please feel free to contact me for a conversation about what a difference coaching can make for you.


Call for an appointment on 07887 682291 or email